January 6, 2021

Happy New Year, dear Paddle Friends ~ New & Old,

With the continuing restraints of COVID-19, and the uncertainty that the next few winter months will bring, Phoebe and I have decided to close the Paddle TEMPORARILY effective immediately.

We have worked tirelessly, along with our awesome Paddle Crew and our small group of advisors, to keep our restaurant going since the pandemic first hit March 2020. You all have been there for us, ordering take-out, placing delivery orders, sitting under our tent, enjoying our new Bay location and, even, coming in for our limited indoor dining.

With the continuing pandemic, the rise in Vermont numbers and the new strain of virus that has come to our country recently, we feel it’s safest for you and for us to close for a spell. During this time period, we will be regrouping, so to speak: working on better summer systems, retraining our Crew, hiring and training a new spring/summer Crew, developing a new menu and specials to name a few. There’s much to be done behind the scenes and we won’t squander this opportunity to serve you better once we’re all together again!

Yes, this is the first time in our history, since March 14, 2005, that we have taken such a break.

It is with a heavy heart that we have decided on this route to take. It wasn’t an easy decision, by no means. However, it for the best.

We will reopen both locations as soon as we can ~ with a few surprises that we’ve had planned. Rest assured, that everyone with gift cards, jumps and Costco cards will still be able to redeem them upon our reopening. In fact, the jump deadline will be extended. All gift cards have no expiration date.

We will continue to be in touch via Facebook, of course! And, we will still answer the Paddle phone a few times a week.

We stress. This is only temporary. We will never let down ourselves nor you all - our loyal, faithful Paddle friends.

Hugs, and be well.

We look forward to seeing you this spring,

Mandy & Phoebe

P.S. For those of you wishing to support us through this time, please consider buying a gift card. https://www.bluepaddlebistro.store/gift-certificates/

- mh

Mandy Hotchkiss
Phoebe Bright
Blue Paddle Bistro
(802) 372-4814

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Experience delicious, unpretentious food in our special little bistro, nestled in the beautiful Lake Champlain Islands. For a unique getaway, we’re closer than you think!

Founded in 2005. To read about how we got “our start”, click here for our first bi-monthly column, “Unpretentious Gourmet”, that we wrote for the Burlington Free Press. Our column appeared every other Friday in the Savorvore section of our daily newspaper when we had the privilege of writing it for nearly two years.

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Experience delicious, unpretentious food in our special little bistro, nestled in the beautiful Lake Champlain Islands. For a unique getaway, come visit us — we’re closer than you think! March marked our 14th anniversary here at the Blue Paddle Bistro, affectionately called “The Paddle.” We would like to thank all of our faithful friends, new and old, who have supported us through out the years.

Paddle Reflections

March 14, 2019 marked our 14th anniversary here at The Paddle. We would like 10 thank all of our faithful friends, new and old, who have supported our little restaurant with an uncommon loyalty. From Phoebe's innovative yet unpretentious cuisine, to our ,wonderlul Paddle Crew, to the very essence o( our unique bistro, we are always striving to provide: an exceptional  and memorable dining experience. If you are "regulars" , you most certainly are aware that we are truly owner-operated. Whenever our doors are open, and friends are joining us for the evening, you can alway,; find Mandy out front and Phoebe in the kitchen. But our little bistro wouldn't function as well as it does without our awesome Paddle Crew who repeatedly gamers rove reviews from our diners, night in and night out.

From our wait staff, bus folks and bartenders to  Phoebe's efficient kitchen team, there are the folks who "make it happen" and we wish to thank them for their commitment. hard work, friendliness and energy that they give to The Paddle and to us - as proprietors.

A very special 'thank you• to Mary Powell and Mark Brooks who, eleven -11 years ago, believed in us so much that they acquired this building  that we might have a home for our little restaurant - the /Jive Paddle Bistro. (Mary and Mark, you afforded us the opportunity to realize our dream and for that we will (forever be grateful.) However, we wouldn't be here if it were not for our Paddle Club - 19 local friends who invested in us by providing our start-up capital. We are truly indebted to all of you for both your financial generosity, as well as your support and enthusiasm. A huge thank you to all of you!

On a much lighter note, as you may notice when you come in our front door, we are huge dog lovers at the Paddle.

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