wynott vet casko-4WyNott has her own Facebook page called The WyNott Fan Club!
Pose with her and make a minimum donation of $1 for the Lacey’s Fund and your photo will be up on her page within 24 hours!
Click here for WyNott’s Facebook page!

The Lacey’s Fund “benefits retired police dogs of the Vermont Police Canine Association.”

Here’s how we came up with this fundraising campaign …

“Making Lemonade Out of Lemons!”

Recently, WyNott had to have two of her baby teeth removed because her adult canines didn’t push them out.

Let’s step back a bit:  The night before, my dear friends, Debbie & Duck Danforth, joined us for dinner at The Paddle. WyNott paid them a visit during our Haymeadow music and Debbie did what good vet techs do ~ she opened her mouth to check out her teeth and noticed the problem right away. “Call me in the morning, Mandy,” she simply said and continued: “Please don’t lose sleep over this. She’ll be just fine.”

So, we paid the awesome Dr. Paul Howard and Debbie Danforth a visit at the Vermont Veterinary Surgical Center in Colchester. (They’ve taken care of Watson a few times.) Yes, they have to come out and they could do it that morning. So, I asked if I could take advantage of the “down time” (you know, while she’s out for the surgery) and groom her nails with my new Drummel. Sure, they said and they both showed me how to do it. Now, WyNott has her “show nails” 😉

But, wait, it gets better. After looking at WyNott’s Fan Club facebook page, Dr. Howard suggested that for every photo I post of WyNott and her friends, I ask for a minimum donation of $1. Great idea, I said … but for what cause? Shortly after, while we were waiting for my little girl to wake up, in walked Corporal Michelle LeBlanc of the Vermont State Police with her fantastic canine partner, Casko! (I knew Michele because she has dined with us and I really like her.) That’s it ~ let’s donate the money to the Lacey’s Fund which “benefits retired police dogs of the Vermont Police Canine Association.”

wynott dunkleysSo, whenever I take your photo with my pup for this page, don’t be shocked if WyNott and I ask for a small donation, okay?

By the way, it was a sweet surprise for this Paddle Pup to awake to the sweetest dog ~ she wasn’t alone, dog-wise. She loved Casko! 🙂

One final thought: Should you ever need special surgical help with your beloved family pet, I urge you to call the wonderfully-gifted pros at the Vermont Veterinary Surgical Center at (802) 893-8333.

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