It’s time to vote for your favorites and we hope you pick us!  We’re all about being warm and genuine, with a creative yet unpretentious flair.  Come as you are and have fun!

The deadline for voting is May 20th at 5:00 pm.  

Hi Paddle Friends!  We would really appreciate you voting for us in this year’s “Best Of Vermont” Daysie Awards!

Click here to vote!  Categories for you to consider:  Best Chef, Best Restaurant (OCC), Best Family Restaurant, Best Steak, Best Burger, Best Brunch, Best Eggs Benedict …

Last year, The Paddle won Best Restaurant (OCC) & Best Brunch!  Chef Phoebe Bright has been a finalist/runner-up for Best Chef for the past 5 years ~ lets make her THE Best Chef this year, okay?

There are two rounds of campaigning:

  1. Nominate:  Deadline is May 20th
  2. Designate:  Top 5 finalists from each category in Round One will face off for the 2nd voting round from June  11th – 25th.  Winners will be announced on August 1st!

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