We’re a Finalist! Vote for us by June 25th at 5:00pm

Woo-hoo! We are finalists in 7 “Best of Vermont”Daysie categories this year …because of your loyalty, support & enthusiasm for The Paddle!

That’s right, The Paddle is in contention to win in 7 Food Categories:

  1. Best Restaurant (OCC)
  2. Best Family Restaurant (OCC)
  3. Best Chef – Phoebe Bright
  4. Best Restaurant Service
  5. Best Breakfast/Brunch (OCC)
  6. Best Eggs Benedict
  7. Best Steak

OCC=Outside Chittenden County; when not noted, vying for the entire state!

This FINAL VOTING ROUND ends in two weeks ~ June 25th!  Would you consider taking the time to vote for us again?  It doesn’t take long at all … due to the new rules (please see below). These Daysie Awards mean a great deal to all our Paddle Crew. And, as a personal note, my best pal of 30 years and business partner, Chef Phoebe, has been a finalist/runner-up for the past 4 (or 5) years and I would really love to see her be on top this year

Thank you, ahead of time, for your consideration,
~ Hugs, Mandy

Click here to vote!

There is NO minimum votes you need to cast per category!  In fact, you don’t even have to vote in every category ~ just the ones you want!  This makes it much easier for out-of-state folks. That’s right ~ you don’t even have to live in VT! So anyone can vote for as many or as few you wish!  Our “category” is FOOD (obviously) and that’s where you’ll find our 7 nominations.

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