The Paddle's Kindness Crusade

The Paddle’s Kindness Crusade

As good restauranteurs, as good citizens of our local community and as good stewards of our planet, Chef Phoebe Bright and I believe that it is our responsibility to help promote one of our basic human needs – that being kindness towards one another.

We believe that “kindness begets kindness” and simply doing a “random act of kindness”, although it is a powerful gesture, is not enough.  So, we have launched a “Kindness Crusade” consisting of:

  • An Annual Kindness Gathering to be held in the summer

  • A $100,000 Pledge to the Vermont Children’s hospital to completely renovate their Infusion Bay for kids of all ages; to date we have raised approximately $52,000

  • Recognize “World Kindness Day” which is every November 13th; for my birthday*, I always ask our Paddle Friends to perform some little “random act of kindness.”

Full disclosure:  My actual birthday is November 15th

  • Dinner for Two Giveaway to someone who has been nominated through our Kindness/Thanksgiving Contest – someone who richly deserves a “night out” on us.

  • And, always commit to donating Gift Cards to non-profits raising money through Silent Auctions, etc.  To date, we have accepted 99% of all requests.