Nearing our 15th Anniversary (March 14, 2020), we credit our continued good fortune to you ~ our loyal community and friends from all over the world. Since the very first day we opened our doors in 2005, we have always tried to be great supporters of your charities. And, we will continue to do so! We have embraced a few very special causes ourselves – both people and dog-related. You might notice that we are strongly committed to cancer-related missions. That’s because both Chef Phoebe’s and my lives have been so touched by this terrible disease. And, keeping it very much “at home”, Phoebe has triumphed over two bouts of cancer: large cell aggressive lymphoma and tongue cancer. Of course, with The Paddle Pups as our official mascots, we are committed to helping eradicate canine cancer, as well.  In addition, it’s my personal mission to help with canine rescue causes.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you like join in with us to help others!

Warmest regards,
Mandy Hotchkiss

Please call 802-372-4814 or email:


The University of Vermont Children’s Hospital Pediatric Oncology Department 

Specifically, we have pledged to raise $100,000 for the Infusion Bay in the Pediatric Oncology Department.

It’s our goal to completely renovate this area where kids of all ages receive their chemotherapy.  Years ago, I asked Chef Phoebe Bright if she wanted me to raise money for one of her two specific cancers.  “No,” she replied, “Please do something for kids with this terrible disease.”  So, we are and to date we’ve raised a little over $60,000 towards our goal.  Once we reach our quest, the Infusion Bay will be dedicated to Chef Phoebe.

Click here for our donation page!


Emma’s Foundation for Canine Cancer

This non-profit was started by Tina Hatin who has become a friend of The Paddle, of mine and my pups … specifically of Watson, my middle German Wirehaired Pointer.  Tina refers to this big guy as “her boy” and always showers him with social media praise!  She has worked tirelessly to rid canine cancer and she should be commended - just a wonderful soul.  

Click here to learn more about this non-profit and to donate!


National German Wirehaired Pointer Rescue

My favorite breed, obviously, although I love all dogs and have had a variety of four-legged friends in my family.   This rescue group is under the direction of a dear friend, Suzanne Oslander of Connecticut.  I don’t know how she does it - works full-time, has a GWP brood of her own and yet manages to help hundreds of dogs get vital medical care, find foster placements and, eventually, move to their “forever homes."

Click here to learn more about this non-profit and to donate!


Humane Society of Chittenden County

Our local Humane Society and The paddle Pups and my “go to” donation non-profit for World Kindness Day!

Click here to learn more about this non-profit and to donate!


Lacy’s Fund

Lacey’s Fund “benefits retired police dogs of the Vermont Police Canine Association."Click here to learn more about this non-profit and to donate!