In Focus: A Look Inside The Crew Behind The Scenes


Dee Gadwah
Bar Manager/Bartender

I’m from the islands and have worked at The Paddle for a little over a year. My boyfriend, now fiancé, and I have two dogs - Jaeger and Lyla.

What Mandy says:  “Dee is a gal that won’t toot her own horn so I will - folks love sitting at our bar because of this young woman’s talent of making a great drink, her infectious smile and her sweetness.  I can always count on Dee to rise to the occasion and take on more responsibility with a positive attitude, a can do spirit. She’s awesome!”


Angelina Manard

Angelina has been part of the Paddle Crew since June of 2018, She lives in South Hero with her husband and two boys. When Angelina is not at the Paddle she is busy being a stay at home mother and working as a Realtor for Vermont Mountain Real Estate. She is also a fowl enthusiast and has a flock of chickens, her fresh eggs are always available if one wishes to try them. Angelina enjoys working at the Paddle because of all of the friendly faces and friendships she's made with both the Crew and Customers. "it feels like family" said Angelina.

What Mandy says: “When Angelina walked over to me last year, I was watering our Paddle flowers.  She introduced herself and inquired about a position with on our Paddle Crew.  I immediately felt a warmth.  I could tell this woman was special, sincere and a beautiful soul.  Her addition to The Crew has made our special little restaurant a lot more special.  A year and a half later, I’m proud to call Angelina my friend.”


Olivia Worcester
Host/Bus Person

Hi!  My name is Olivia;  I’ve been a busser at The Paddle for a little over a year now.  I have dined at The Paddle with my family ever since I was a little baby and became close friends with Mandy. I’m a student at South Burlington High School and love being a part of The Paddle Crew.  🙂

What Mandy says:   “Oh my, what is not to say about this special young lady?  From an infant to toddler to grade school student ... though her high school years, I have watched Olivia mature and become an exceptional human being and one of the hardest working people I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with in all my professional career.”


Ali Longe

Ali is a life long Vermonter who has lived in Grand Isle for a little over a year.  In August of 2019, she saw that The Paddle was hiring and decided to stop by on a beautiful Sunny afternoon. Immediately Ali knew that this Bistro was going to be her new home.  When she isn't working at the bistro,  she can be found dancing (anywhere), doting on 3 teenage boys, or writing poetry that never leaves for android but never sees the light is day”!

What Mandy says:  “Ali is one of a kind - always smiling, always supportive, always kind, always willing to be ‘there’ when I need her.  When she hugs you, you know it’s true blue.  The Paddle wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t for this terrific human being!”


Jen Michael

I have known Mandy and Phoebe for over 35 years. I was their Free Press Sales Rep when they owned Noonies, back in the day. Fast forward to three years ago when I changed my day job and could compliment it with working at the Paddle. I live in Williston with my two college age boys ... so I’m empty nesting and working at the Paddle. I spend my free time enjoy gardening, biking, watching my oldest play baseball for Castleton, skiing and vacationing in Ogunquit Maine in the summers. Love being a Paddle Crew Member.

What Mandy says: “Jen has been one of those people that you can count on one hand to ‘be there’ in a pinch;  a friend that you might not see or ouch base for months but when you do there’s no missing a beat. A true friend.  An exceptional and seasoned waiter - a real pro.  And, when it comes to big parties, there’s no one better to make it a perfect dinner event.  I love Jen and appreciate her candor when it comes to problem solving.”