The Paddle Crew

Over the course of 14 years and 9 months, we have had the utmost pleasure to work with so many awesome people – mostly young adults, a few older, more seasoned pros … as well as a handful of toddlers that we watched grow up and mature into hardworking teenagers.

It’s been a wild ride for Chef Phoebe Bright and me.  We’ve learned a lot from our Paddle Crew and hope that we’ve taught them, as well.  Occasionally, we’ve received “thank you” notes from Paddle Crew Alumna which tickles us pink.  It has also been our pleasure to write a number of recommendations for folks leaving our employ striving to get into Graduate School or seeking their dream job.

This year, we’ve had a remarkable Paddle Crew – working together to make a strong team.  All positive, energetic, hardworking, kind and always striving to make our special little bistro a little better.   And, the small winter group we have now is over-the-top … perhaps our best "off-season” Crew ever.  Soon, I will post their individual photos along with short bios.  Please check back.

And, thank you to all of you for always being so supportive of this neat group of individuals.

Best, Mandy Hotchkiss