Order Two (2)- 2020 Paddle Pup Calendars are here! Order Today.

$39.99 $25.00

2020 Paddle Pup Calendar will be here by the end of the year! Pre-Order Today and Save!
A portion of each calendar sold supports the National German Wirehaired Pointer Rescue. For more information about this wonderful organization, please visit:


Contact: Suzanne Oslander, National Coordinator

$39.99  $34.95!

Just in time for the new year ~ the official Paddle Pup Calendar is at the printer!  After many requests over the past years from our friends, I finally did it and I’m so thrilled to to have them available for all!

Pre-Order Deal #2:  Purchase two calendars for only $34.95, free shipping and two Wyeth Buck worth $10!

The Pups want me to point out that there’s a limited supply on our first “Calendar Run” so order yours today and save!



AKA “The Ws” Our official mascots are three athletic, spirited, sweet and goofy German Wirehaired Pointers: Wyeth (a girl, 10 years of age), Watson (the boy, 8 years of age) and WyNott (as in “Why not get another one?”…she’s a girl of 5 years of age.) Both Wyeth and Watson are true siblings hailing from Mason Creek Kennels of Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. WyNott comes from the Sunshine State. A Little Floridian from breeder Angie Johnson of All three have such different personalities but they have some things in common – their love of hunting up-land birds, their thirst to play frisbee (well, not Watson – he prefers hunting for voles) and their unrelenting enthusiasm for dock jumping on the shores of Lake Champlain. They also love people and often all three pups accompany me to work during the day. WyNott is our resident night-time mascot always ready to pose with our guests or play frisbee with kids of any age. They’re good sports, too. As soon as they eye a few Paddle homemade croutons, they know it’s showtime. Out comes some silly outfit, up they jump to the given perch of the day to take their pose. Usually, our holiday photos take all but three minutes, at tops, but produce some fun images that I hope you enjoy. It’s all about the dog!


A Note from Mandy Hotchkiss of the Blue Paddle Bistro:

Thank you for purchasing this calendar of my three Paddle Pups, aka “The Ws.” I’ve started working on this project so many times over the past years but always stopped because it seemed like such a daunting undertaking. I mean, how does one person choose just a few photos (out of thousands) of her favorite subjects? This fall, I pledged that I would finally just do it. Much gratitude goes to my dear friend, the talented Karen McCloud of SilverCloud Designs for her encouragement, persistence and design.

$5.00 from the sale of each calendar sold supports the National German Wirehaired Pointer Rescue. For more information about this wonderful organization, please visit:

Contact: Suzanne Oslander, National Coordinator

The Blue Paddle Bistro opened its doors just shy of fifteen years ago, but its character, its ambiance, its success, indeed its very foundation is rooted in the 32 year friendship of its owners, Chef Phoebe R. Bright and Mandy Hotchkiss.

“Our restaurant is truly a labor of love,” said Mandy. “We live – and work – in a great community, we love our customers, and we take a lot of pleasure in pleasing them with our food. We truly cherish each and every one who compliments us by walking through our door!”


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