Our Head Chef

Growing up in The Islands, I have been exposed to many things and have learned to be self-sufficient. As an ‘outdoor guy’ I  have many passions:  hunting, fishing, working on my home, … and being a good Dad to my two dogs.  Recently, I got engaged and I couldn’t be more thrilled.  I also would like to thank Chef Phoebe for believing in me years ago;  her trust and guidance helped me to become the chef and leader I am today.


What Phoebe Bright says:  “After 14 years, my position. has changed to be more of an executive one - specifically, as Executive Chef/CEO of The Paddle.  When Mandy and I were planning this transition for me, only one person came to mind  to replace me on a daily basis in the kitchen:  Eric Goodrich.  I knew it was paramount to our continued success and growth to have a person who was capable of recognizing, and embracing, one of the most important tenets of our food … that being consistency.   Years ago, in our earlier Paddle years, I had the pleasure of hiring and training this young man from The Champlain Islands.  He was my righthand guy, my Sous Chef, for the following eight years.  I was thrilled to have him return this past January.  He’s exceptional.”


What Mandy says:  “The kitchen is in great hands with Chef Eric at its helm.  Honestly, I don’t worry about the day to day food operations because I know that Eric is a capable and very creative when it comes to problem-solving, menu preparation and leading the line.  A guy of few words, yet a guy that works extremely hard at whatever he does.  I’m most thankful that he has become our Head Chef!"