Paddle Reflections

March 14, 2019 marked our 14th anniversary here at The Paddle. We would like 10 thank all of our faithful friends, new and old, who have supported our little restaurant with an uncommon loyalty. From Phoebe's innovative yet unpretentious cuisine, to our ,wonderful Paddle Crew, to the very essence o( our unique bistro, we are always striving to provide: an exceptional  and memorable dining experience. If you are "regulars" , you most certainly are aware that we are truly owner-operated. Whenever our doors are open, and friends are joining us for the evening, you can alway,; find Mandy out front and Phoebe in the kitchen. But our little bistro wouldn't function as well as it does without our awesome Paddle Crew who repeatedly gamers rove reviews from our diners, night in and night out.

From our wait staff, bus folks and bartenders to  Phoebe's efficient kitchen team, there are the folks who "make it happen" and we wish to thank them for their commitment. hard work, friendliness and energy that they give to The Paddle and to us - as proprietors.

A very special 'thank you• to Mary Powell and Mark Brooks who, eleven -11 years ago, believed in us so much that they acquired this building  that we might have a home for our little restaurant - The Blue Paddle Bistro. (Mary and Mark, you afforded us the opportunity to realize our dream and for that we will (forever be grateful.) However, we wouldn't be here if it were not for our Paddle Club - 19 local friends who invested in us by providing our start-up capital. We are truly indebted to all of you for both your financial generosity, as well as your support and enthusiasm. A huge thank you to all of you!

On a much lighter note, as you may notice when you come in our front door, we are huge dog lovers at the Paddle.

Please feel free to look at all of Mandy's photos of her three beloved German Wirehaired Pointers, Wyeth, Watson and WyNot. These Paddle Pups are our official mascots. If you'd like to follow their sporting and hunting exploits, visit the Paddle Pup page on our web site or like· Mandy Hotchkiss on Facebook - her page is truly all about her pups!

P.S. WyNott is usually on the premises to play frisbee with kids ol all ages. So weather you're old friends, or new ones, we so appreciate you spending your evening at The Paddle. As for us - the Owners -we've been best friends since 1987!

This year, The Paddle Received a record number of nominations for the "Seven Daysies"  awards - 10 in all. A special thanks to all those folks who voted for us!

Founded in 2005

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